About Hasan

Stories are everything, here's mine.

I fell in love with design because of one website.

I came across a designer portfolio one day, and it completely blew me away. The design, the interactions, the fluidity, the motion -- all of it completely grasped my attention and showed me that the tools we use everyday could be so much more impactful. That website left a deep, visceral impression on me and I knew that I wanted to contribute beautiful designs just like it to the world. You can visit that site here.

I had an idea, and I taught myself to code to build it.

The best part about being a designer is being able to bring your ideas to life. Anything you can dream of, you can draw it up. But there's one problem with that. I wasn't able to take my mockups or prototypes any further than designs, and that limit was frustrating. So frustrating, that I set out to teach myself enough about HTML, CSS and JS, as well as how to build your own Chrome Extension.

Bisma is a productivity chrome extension designed for Muslims. The main principle behind Bisma was to provide a consistent reminder during the week for Muslims everywhere, and to help them stay connected to the community and religion as a whole. Today, Bisma has over 1,500 downloads and 1,000 daily active users. We've published several updates and can't wait to continue building for our users.

I started my own coffee shop!

Two years ago, my best friend and I set out to start our very own coffee shop, Ummah Coffee. Having my own coffee shop had always been a dream of mine, and in 2022 -- I found a way to bring that dream to reality. On top of being a personal goal, I also set out to make the shop completely non-profit. It was based inside of a local community center in Redmond, and my partner and I decided to make 100% of the profits go back into community center as a driver for new programs within the center.

It was an amazing journey to say the least. Ummah Coffee is serving our community in Redmond today, having served over 10,000 community members and counting.