I taught myself to code, and now I have 1,000 users.

I designed and developed a productivity chrome extension called "bisma", with over 1.5k downloads and nearly 1,000 DAU's.


Designer & Front-End Developer


Figma,  VSCode


Production Ready Chrome Extension

What is Bisma?

Bisma is a new tab chrome extension that customizes each new tab page with beautiful backgrounds, local prayer times, islamic quotes, a personalized islamic greeting, and more.

Why did we build it?

We wanted to put our tech skills to good use and make something beneficial for Muslims everywhere. Sometimes, even a simple product can be hugely beneficial. When the time came to share our work with the community -- the response was overwhelming. Over 600 downloads in 24 hours, and we're still climbing.

Our Goal

Building a home-base where muslims can feel in touch with their religion and culture, even when they are away or too busy to attend local community events. The goal of bisma was to be a gentle, beautiful reminder that no matter how busy we get in our day-to-day lives, we as muslims are part of a larger community. What better way to give people a reminder of their culture by beautifying their new tab page with key aspects from our culture?

My Work

I teamed with my brother (a back-end engineer) to help build bisma in under a month. I created all the designs, marketing assets, and social media material -- while also handling the front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With my brother's help to build the quote database and setup some key API's -- we were able to get up and running in no time.

As of today, we're currently at 1,000+ users, with more features on the way. Our initial launch generated a storm of attention from social media, garnering the attention of famous Islamic scholars on twitter, to being shared over 500 times on Instagram. We're so excited to receive such a welcoming response, and we can't wait to continue building.